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They say novelty is the great parent of pleasure. You are a great parent no doubt, so we consider it our duty at KidiCat to keep your children clad in the latest and greatest garments we’ve got to offer. Our sourcing and production team refresh our lines as often as possible, drawing in design influences from across the continent and further afield too. From PJ’s to rain jackets and wellies to woollies, there is nothing stale about our styles – we refresh our lines, so you can stay fresh.

From our warehouse to your wardrobe, we take great pride in scrutinising each part of the journey of your KidiCat items. Despite our global outreach and the fans, friends and extended family members we have encountered so far, we are still very much an intimate, family-run business. KidiCat is a passion project which serves a real but simple purpose – to provide parents with high quality clothing that looks good and won’t break the bank. We have invested a lot of time and effort in trawling the world for the best boutique, family-run garment providers for children from the ages of new-borns to 14 years. Everything you see in our store has been carefully sourced and we have verified the validity of the manufacturer, the designer and the distributor before presenting them to you. We operate under a strict quality control standard to ensure there are never any slip-ups, only slip-ons!

Why settle for the common and the crusty when you can have something crisp and creative for your bundles of joy to wear with pride?

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