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Remember your baby’s first steps? Now you can make all of them memorable with some shoes that leave a lasting impression. Hopefully that lasting impression isn’t on the clean floor but knowing our kids, they have probably just come in from somewhere muddy, wet or both! Since children do a lot of exploring and discovering through walking and running, what they wear on their feet is almost a part of their personality. They spend a lot of time looking down at the ground investigating, having fun or perhaps kicking a ball so imagine how they would feel knowing that every time they see their shoes they are happy, excited and proud.

If you checked your local stores for shoes and trainers, you might find it difficult to locate anything different. All the styles and designs are pretty much the same but that’s just plain boring. Thanks to our global network of family-run, quality assured creators of shoes and trainers, we can source our products from Italy to Turkey, China to Portugal where the creative direction is different, innovative and exciting. This means your little ones will be stomping around in footwear which has a unique identity, just like them.

Inspire your kids to put their best foot forwards. Our shoes, trainers, boots, wellies and sandals are made especially for little, growing feet. Thanks to the extra support, comfort and refined material your child’s first steps are not only going to be precious but pretty – and long may that continue!

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