Here’s how it all began. There are two things I love more than anything in this world. My family, and travel.

So, the moments I was traveling with my family, I was always fascinated by the colourful cultures, their history, their food, but most importantly, their clothing. I loved the different sense of fashion that every culture had, the material that every country preferred to use the most, and especially the kind of clothes that the children wore.

I would always buy clothes from everywhere I would go, to ”study” them.

The decision to start something unique with children’s clothing came when my child came to me one day, all dressed up and ready for our afternoon walk when I noticed that he/she has his/her favourite shirt inside his/her backpack. When I asked him/her why, I was told that apparently, that was not a simple shirt, it would protect him/her and make hugs with it.

This is when I decided that I want to offer to children a safe, simple and affordable choice of smart casual clothing, that’s not too much nor too little, because what children need is ‘just enough’.

Enough fashion, enough comfort, enough safety, and huge amounts of love and dreams, to create a whole world inside their hands, which will be our future!