12th August 2018

5 reasons why Dads are the unspoken heroes


There are, of course, way more reasons as to why Dads are the unspoken heroes and by all means, this does not imply that Dads are more or less important than the Mums.

On the contrary! Fathers and mothers are equally important to a child’s life and development, but since mom is the one who is usually more involved into a child’s first needs ever since she starts (breast)feeding, we all – mutually – may have said ”Mum” in the past more times than ”Dad”.

Not because we loved dad any less, but usually mom was the one who always knew where everything was like our favorite pair of jeans or our long-forgotten pair of gloves.

Dad may not know where the gloves were, but let me tell you the 5 basic reasons why Dads are the unspoken heroes:

1. They turn food into a fun activity.

While for most parents but usually for the Mums, food is a necessity, something that simply must be done, for the dad is a form of art.

A Dad will only leave their child to be the main chef, but he will also encourage even the weirdest ideas for dinner (tacos stuffed with praline and berries??).

Dinner with Dad will always put a smile on our face. A sweet, nostalgic smile full of the most memorable flavors.

2. They are the most powerful protectors.

I will make a small reference on the various dad T-shirts you can buy where there adorably written threats on what they can do to you if you ever hurt their baby. Even if the baby is 30 years old. It doesn’t matter. A dad is always a dad!

No matter how sweet, well-behaved and quiet they usually are, when a father realizes that there is some sort of danger coming close to their beloved child, they can transform into a Cerberus in no time in order to protect them.

3. A Dad is a kid at heart

A Dad is older, definitely wiser, but you will never forget the time you played with your Dad because it was like playing with a fellow classmate. Fathers tend to maintain that sweet childlike innocence, that makes them incredibly approachable by their children and fun time is mandatory for both of them!

When you play with Dad, you see that he needs it as much as you do, and he enjoys it, maybe even more, because he secretly misses it!

4. They teach us lessons

Yup, a dad teaches you on how to deal with society, Things you don’t understand, how to be confident, how to deal with situations and people changing, since, so are you.

They usually prefer the simple talking, but they are the ones to use the ” tough love card” when it’s time and when they do, you definitely listen and learn. (they do know how to play that card, don’t they??)

5. A good father truly loves the mother

The one and unspoken reason as to why Dads are the unspoken heroes. The biggest and most solid foundation of every family is as simple as that. For the father to truly love the mother of their children.

Yes, relationships are hard by definition, but when a family is created, and the dad’s side has this solid foundation under the ground of his family, he is the hero. Because no matter how good their home will be, what’s really important is the solid ground it was built on.




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